Chufa Traditional Ang Ku Kueh Bean (6pc Frozen)

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Chufa Traditional Ang Ku Kueh is a popular Teochew snack with a long history. The oval shaped kueh is filled with fragrant mung bean paste, wrapped in chewy coconut milk infused glutinous rice flour skin.

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Chufa signifies departure in Chinese as our items are packed individually which is made convenient for preparing and for consumption. Chufa’ as known in Spanish, is not actually a nut, but a small tuber. Being high in fiber, protein, natural sugar, Vitamin E & minerals, Chufa has been long recognized for their health benefits.

Each individually wrapped kueh contains no added preservatives, zero added sugar , lower in saturated fat and is rich in minerals such as dietary fiber, vitamin E & minerals , prefect for a grab & go convenient snack

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