Best ever Nonya Kueh
Serving since 1960
Made with love
And a big smile

We the Lek Lim

And we love to make hand-made delicious, mouth-watering Nonya Kueh and plateful snacks with flavours many.

How it all started

Good foods do the miracle. We have witnessed that. Lek Lim had a very humble beginning, at a home kitchen. Our past business was a failure. Our grandpa was out of money and all lost. One of his friends made a sudden visit with a plate full of Nonya Kueh. And the rest is all history.

As the fable goes, our grand-parents loved the Kueh so much that they decided to try their hands. And to everyone’s surprise, they prepared some delicious kueh. It was shared with delight and everyone loved their efforts. They wanted more and grandparents kept on serving. The home kitchen was not enough anymore. They opened a shop and kept making Kueh with love for all.

And then here we are today. With all the success of Lek Lim. Making and serving the best ever Nonya Kueh for all of you.

49 years and growing strong

Journey started

Halal Certified

Launched online shop

Won the best Nonya Kueh award in Singapore

Moved production to central kitchen